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WIOA Orientation


  • Residency requirement: You must have lived or worked in Cook County in order to be eligible for WIOA services at this location
  • Register and attend a WIOA Orientation session is required


    STEP #2 Details about the WIOA Program:  
  • Download informational flyer: "What is WIOA?" click here

STEP #3  Register for a WIOA Orientation: 
    • Find & Register for a WIOA Orientation located at Arlington Heights or Hanover Park/EWC workNet Center Locations.  click here 

    • Orientation will go over program, services and eligibility criteria

    • Length of Orientation is about 2 hours

    • (Note-if you don't have a user profile, you'll be prompted to create one prior to registration.  Click Visitor Login,  Click Sign Up, Type your email/Login, Create an 8 character case sensitive password, City and Phone#.  Go back to Home Page, Click Upcoming Events, Choose by Type-"WIA Orientations", Choose Date, Click Register For Event, Click Register and Log Off. )
    • NO Walk-Ins Accepted. No Exceptions!

    STEP #4 Download a WIOA Application:   click here
     (You'll need to bring a completed application with you to the orientation.)

    STEP #5 If you live outside Cook County-Download a list of Area-Wide WIOA Service Providers and Orientations:     click here