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Manufacturing Careers Internship Program



Too few of today’s youth are knowledgeable of the high-paying career opportunities available in the manufacturing sector. Industry sources show the average employee in manufacturing makes $73,000 per year, compared to the average income of $52,000 per year for employees in the service industry.

However, few youth have had the chance to see first-hand the opportunities, career paths, and successful role-models in the manufacturing sector. This has resulted in a critical shortage of skilled workers needed by America’s manufacturing industry, with estimates ranging from 500,000 to 1 million job openings currently available – and not enough qualified workers. In fact, some Illinois manufacturers have had to turn away business because they can not meet the deadlines to fill the orders.

To address this vexing problem of too many jobs and not enough qualified employees, the Illinois workNet Center and the Workforce Board of Northern Cook County utilized a federal grant to launch an innovative pilot program to prepare youth for long-term career opportunities in manufacturing.

The Manufacturing Careers Internship Program (MCIP). MCIP exposes young adults to careers in manufacturing from the ground up, across all departments, and within their own
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